Third Place…Meh


So it’s been three weeks since I last posted here on the site, writing about Lance Armstrong and his quest for another Tour De France.  Well with their last ride into Paris occuring tomorrow morning, Lance will finish in third place in the 2009 Tour…certainly nothing to sneeze at, and quite enjoyable for a sports enthusiast/cancer survivor to watch.

For those that know me personally, it is no secret that I often criticize the actions of Lance, and I have had trouble with some of the direction the LAF has gone in its fight against cancer, but bottom line he is bringing increased awareness and $$$ to the cause…nothing to argue with there.  I’ve put aside much of my own hubris on the issue over the past three weeks and really marveled at what Lance has done.  His performance is akin to Tom Watson finishing second last weekend in the Open Championship…an aging athlete showing he still has “some” skill and making people re-think the idea of those in the older age brackets ability to perform at the highest levels.

I looked at it through a slightly different prism…10 years ago Lance won his first Tour, a mere three years after being diagnosed with cancer.  He literally changed the face of cancer survivorship and has shifted the idea of the fight against cancer from pink ribbons to yellow wristbands and a can do mentality.  For all the things I may disagree with him on…those are things that even I can appreciate.  Congratulations Lance…keep it going!

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