Irene Sheridan


“This letter is to express the impact that Branden Lombardi’s Foundation has had on my unit. My name is Irene Sheridan R.N. and I work for Dr. Micheal Graham in the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Outpatient Clinic in Tucson Arizona. Branden has supplied our clinic numerous toys for our toy boxes to keep them full. These toys get distributed to each kid one per week or after the child has had a procedure . . . He has supplied us with two Game Boy Advances and five games which the kids use EVERY DAY. Another system is the Playstation One Portable which allows the child easier access and closer to him/her. These are a tremendous help in passing the long hours the kids have to stay sometimes. It also decreases the amount of medications used if we can keep them distracted . . . Branden’s foundation has made our clinic all the more pediatric friendly. I can see the effects his donations have made every day I work. Branden is a special guy with a lot of great ideas that turn into great things for the kids. Branden’s heart is bigger than most and he should be commended for all his work.”

-Irene Sheridan R.N.

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