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Dear Branden,

I am without words to express my thanks to you for your kind support of The Wellness Community — Arizona and our teen programs. Your financial gift of $500.00 received on February 19, 2010 will continue to give teen cancer survivors and their loved ones a place of sanctuary.

Everyday as Executive Director, I am touched and inspired by the dozens of individuals who show their passion to live as they fight their cancer battle through our free support programs. I feel fortunate to work at The Wellness Community and to walk alongside our participants in their journey from fear to hope, vulnerability to courage, and illness to health. I have a profound sense of gratitude for your generosity and kindness. We are honored to have the privilege of this donation.

The Wellness Community powerfully combines science and care to address the body, mind and spirit — the whole person. This critical combination impacts cancer recovery at all levels. When a person has the opportunity to become “patient active” in their fight, they improve their quality of life and enhance their recovery. Hope, courage, strength, reconnection to purpose, and connection to other individuals are essential parts of the dramatic healing experience.

Thank you again for supporting The Wellness Community. You are a blessing to us and so many.

With warm regards,

Paula Hardison
Executive Director
The Wellness Community

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