Ashlyn’s Crowns of Courage

Who is Ashlyn?

In September 2014, Ashlyn was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Severe Aplastic Anemia. This is a life threatening illness, wherein the bone marrow completely fails to produce new blood cells of any kind. Her only symptom ever was bruising on her body, but after going in for blood work, her life changed in an instant.

She went from a happy and healthy 5th grader and avid dancer, to being completely confined to her home, due to her compromised immune system. No visitors were allowed, for fear of exposing her to germs that her body couldn’t fend off and her physical activity was also halted, to reduce the risk of fatal internal bleeding.

Ashlyn was admitted to the hospital and told she needed a bone marrow transplant. The hope was that her brother would be a match. The odds were not in her favor, but miraculously he was a perfect match! He bravely donated his cells to her and she received her bone marrow transplant on November 12, 2014 at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). She went through chemotherapy, lost her beautiful long blonde hair, and spent a month in the hospital. Her family is eternally grateful to the amazing and caring doctors and nurses at PCH!

As she regains her health, Ashlyn has taken the experience she has gained and is working to give back to other children going through a similar experience. Ashlyn and her family are working to give back for any child going through chemo, at no cost to the family. Please visit to learn more about this amazing program, how you can participate or benefit from Ashlyn’s Crowns of Courage.

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