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As a cancer patient, family, friend or caregiver the internet and local bookstores can be a wealth of information. We at The Branden Lombardi Foundation have suggested some web sites as well as books that can help in a variety of ways in getting through cancer. From inspirational stories of cancer survivors to web sites full of information helpful to understanding your type of cancer, these are choices of The Branden Lombardi Foundation solely. Please, feel free to browse these links, or buy these books. If you have other suggestions that you would like to see on our list, please feel free to send us comments.

  • Children’s Cancer Network (
  • The Wellness Community of Arizona (
  • OncoLink (
    The University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center provides a wealth of information on many topics dealing with cancer.
  • American Cancer Society (
    The web site of The American Cancer Society provides information on a variety of subjects, from support groups in your area to information for family and friends on coping with Cancer themselves.
  • National Cancer Institute (
    The National Cancer Institute’s web site is the best web site to learn how our United States Government is battling cancer. Also, this site includes a great deal of information on Clinical Trials going on at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Cancer Care (
    Since 1944, Cancer Care has been dedicated to providing emotional support, information, and practical help to people with cancer and their loved ones. As the oldest and largest national nonprofit agency devoted to offering professional services, Cancer Care has helped over two million people nationwide through its toll-free Counseling Line and teleconference programs, its office-based services, and via the Internet. All services are provided free of charge and are available to people of all ages, with all types of cancer, at any stage of the disease. Cancer Care’s reach, including its cancer awareness initiatives, also extends to family members, care givers, and professionals, providing vital information and assistance.
  • M.D. Anderson (
    The Houston, Texas based cancer center M.D. Anderson is known for its cutting edge research and top notch patient care programs. Browse this site to learn more about what the center itself offers and other information related to Cancer.
  • Dan Shapiro (
    Dan Shapiro, PhD is an assistant professor at the University of Arizona. During 5 years of cancer treatment he received his doctorate from the University of Florida and went on to Harvard Medical School for an endowed fellowship in medical crisis counseling. His first book is entitled Mom’s Marijuana: Life, Love and Beating the Odds. A humorist who also uses drama, he speaks widely to lay and professional groups. An incredible source of personal inspiration can be found within this site, as Dr. Shapiro’s book heads our must-read list for both cancer patients and for their family and friends.
  • Shade Foundation (
    The Curt and Shonda Schilling Melanoma Foundation is the leader in education and prevention of Melanoma, a highly preventable cancer. The SHADE Foundation has done a wonderful job at teaching children the importance of staying safe in the sun with their slogan “Limit the sun, not the fun!”
  • Mom’s Marijuana: Life, Love and Beating the Odds ( link)
    By Dan Shapiro, PhDAn incredible book that shows that humor and hope can be all you need to overcome cancer and its challenges. Written by Dr. Dan Shapiro an assistant professor in the department of integrative medicine/psychiatry at the University of Arizona Health Science Center in Tucson, Arizona, he shares his journey from cancer diagnosis during his Junior year of college and the subsequent roller coaster ride that was his life as a cancer patient. This is a book that will make you laugh and cry only pages apart. It really gets to the core of what it is like to be a cancer patient. This is a great book for patients and their family members alike.

    “I believed my last radiation treatment was the end of my cancer experience. I drove home afterward and buried myself in my room. Treatment was finally over. No more chemotherapy. No more radiation. I thought I’d feel an unburdening, that feeling of getting home on a cold icy night, but I didn’t. There was a nervousness. From now on I’d have to live not knowing if the disease was going to come back.”

  • It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life ( link)
    By Lance Armstrong w/ Sally JenkinsThis is the incredible story of three-time defending Tour de France champion, cyclist Lance Armstrong. Lance chronicles growing up in Texas, dealing with early success on the cycling circuit and the lowest point in his life a diagnosis with cancer. However, Lance didn’t let cancer keep him down as evidenced by his incredible comeback not only from the seat of his bike, but in life in general. An inspiring story that once again shows hope and love can be the strongest tools in the face of adversity.

    “I thought I knew what fear was, until I heard the words ‘You have cancer.’ Real fear came with an unmistakable sensation: it was as though all my blood started flowing in the wrong direction. My previous fears, fear of not being liked, fear of being laughed at, fear of losing my money, suddenly seemed like small cowardices. Everything now stacked up differently: the anxieties of life–a flat tire, losing my career, a traffic jam–were reprioritized into need versus want, real problem as opposed to minor scare. A bumpy plane ride was just a bumpy plane ride, it wasn’t cancer.”

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