Whatever it Takes (WIT)

Life in your twenties and thirties is hard enough, as we struggle to find our place in the world. Add in a cancer diagnosis or long term complications and concerns of surviving childhood or young adult cancer and it becomes that much harder.  I know first hand how difficult that can be, and I feel it is my duty to make this time in life better for those like me, young adult cancer survivors and patients.  It is my goal that “Whatever It Takes” will provide a greater sense of community and support for young adult survivors and patients as well as a social outlet and educational forum to better our lives.  Surviving Cancer can be the easy part, reclaiming your life and sense of normalcy is altogether a more difficult challenge…let’s embrace this challenge and do “Whatever It Takes” to get back our lives!

The Program

“Whatever It Takes” is committed to being both a social and educational program.  With the help of The Wellness Community of Arizona (http://www.twccaz.org/) we have built a comprehensive program where each month there will be an event, alternating between social events and educational events (All events open to Patients/Survivors and friends/Spouses).

A few of the social events we have held include:

  • Cocktail Parties/Happy Hours
  • Movie Nights at a Local Theater
  • WIT Nights at Local Sporting Events (Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona Cardinals)

Educational events under consideration include:

  • Exploring Fertility Issues
  • Health Insurance and Your Rights
  • Education and Employment Issues
  • Late Effects
  • General Health and Wellness

We are committed to creating a sense of community and leveraging our participants for events and issues that are important to them.  We look forward to building this program into something special for all those involved!

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